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Grasstree Park Nature Reserve

Client | Surf Coast Shire Council

Year   | 2016


Surf Coast Shire Council engaged our practice and specialist subconsultant team to prepare the Masterplan for this very important 25 hectare reserve, which has a Conservation Covenant placed on it. Grasstree Park Nature Reserve contained high quality heathland and bushland, including an approximate 1.5 hectare section of open grassed areas of low conservation value. The reserve


Key elements explored with Council officers were fire management, enhancement of biodiversity within the reserve, potential passive recreation facilities to serve a growing residential area and new interpretive and educational facilities.


In May 2016 we attended the community consultation event which was attended by approximately 30 participants and from the workshop meetings facilitated by Council officers, we assessed the merit of ideas put forward by workshop participants in order to prepare the draft Masterplan. The Draft Masterplan went to Community Comment during a month’s display. We then completed the Final Strategies and Masterplan.

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