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We have prepared several street tree framework planting plans for new subdivisions in Melbourne’s outer suburbs since 2018. These have been:

  •  Cobblebank Business Park, South east of Melton

Cobblebank is a new suburb approximately six kilometres south east of Melton on the Western Highway and has a recently constructed railway station on the Melbourne to Ballarat railway line.We followed Council’s Urban Design Framework in terms of the street tree species, their spacings and planting recommendation to the buffer embankment parallel to the Western Highway. Melton City Council required the formative street tree planting to be planned, documented and implemented in parallel to the construction of the engineering civil and drainage works to the footpaths, kerb lines and nature strips.


We worked with PGF Projects and Precinct Land Consultants over two years from the preparation of the masterplan for the subdivision to the preparation of the final street planting plans, including nature strip grassing and passive irrigation solutions, details and technical specification.


The purpose of preparation of the tree planting within grassed nature strips was to obtain the Stage 1 and 2 Streetscape and Landscape Bond Approval from Melton City Council. This necessitated our office preparing a detailed Opinion of Probable Costs for the planting and maintenance of trees, grassed nature strips. Council was then in a position to determine the Landscape bond that Council needed to retain as a Bank Guarantee.


Cobblebank Business Park, Landscape Master Plan 

  •  Cobblebank Business Park Office Development and Toolern Business Park, Office  Development

We prepared two allotment plans for office suites within the Cobblebank Business Park. Focus on both was the establishment of native and indigenous trees and hardy groundcovers, including native species of tufting plants such as Dianella revoluta and Lomandra ‘Tanika’ that were used in garden beds adjacent to vehicle parking bays, where plants are vulnerable to people accessing cars and trampling on garden beds. The tufting plants generally are more resilient to being trodden on than shrubs.


Toolern Business Park Office Development, Landscape Development Plan 

  •  Kenning Road, Tarneit

Kenning Road in Tarneit is a six-street subdivision, that required formative street tree layout and nature strip establishment to each street. We prepared the horticultural specification for the cultivation of site soil, the supply and spreading of imported top soil, the supply and laying of instant turf and establishment and maintenance of the street trees and nature strips. The Opinion of Probable Cost we prepared informed Wyndham City Council of the monetary sum to ensure the works would be carried out to Councils’ or Bank Guarantee held in trust by Council standards.


Kenning Road, Tarneit Subdivision Street Tree Planting Plan

  •  Nelson Street, Cranbourne East  

We undertook an inspection of the existing streets that the new subdivision will join into, so proposed planting could align with the existing planting. Tree and nature strip planting was prepared for the Civil Engineers to incorporate within the applicant’s documentation.

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