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Port Melbourne

Our office has prepared a significant number of designs for church properties, some incorporating memorial gardens,  wall niches that allow for plaques and garden beds where ashes can be placed. In our design projects to enhance the function or appearance of church properties, we have met with clergy, priests and committee representatives, often on more than two occasions to ensure the group are conversant of our approach and we understand the group’s directions.

Port Melbourne

We understand the churches’ role in the community and that their budgets in both the design process and implementation are often stretched, so this is accommodated in our detailed design and materials selection.


Key projects have been:  

  • New Life Evangelical Church, Dorset Road Bayswater (Current) - Landscape Concept Plan and Documentation.

  • Canterbury Gardens Community Church, Kilsyth South (2022) - Landscape Concept Plan and Documentation.

  • St Paul’s Lutheran Church Box Hill (2019) - Town planning permit landscape plan.  

  • Ashburton Baptist Church (2019) - Courtyard and community space, planting plans.  

  • Doncaster Lutheran Church (2019) - Review of access for people with mobility difficulties. Review of safe gradients and definition by crisp planting to define spaces.  

  • Colac Uniting Church (2019) - Preparation of concept plans for a labyrinth, seating and contemplative area in conjunction with the remodelling of parts of the church hall and provision of improved egress and ingress access points to the church.  

  • St Kilda Uniting Church (2018) - We worked closely with the Minister and two Church Wardens to plan new garden spaces and assist in methods to improve drainage to the surrounds of the historic bluestone church’s footings.  

  • St Matthews Church, Panton Hill (2012-2015) - Major extensions to the church and new car park area. Town planning landscape plan including native tree replacement plans  

  • Burwood Uniting Church (2009) - We worked closely with the committee to create a memorial garden and niche wall.  

  • Port Melbourne Uniting Church (2007-2008) - Preparation of the landscape plans to include a community garden, a labyrinth and feature planting. We provided contract administration inspections during the construction of the large garden area.

Port Melbourne
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