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Bayside Indigenous Plant Display Garden Stage 1 and Stage 2

Client | Bayside City Council 

Year   | 2020

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The Biodiversity Team at Bayside City Council engaged our office to prepare a display garden to showcase local indigenous plants of the Sandringham region in front of their municipal offices. A large car park is located to the east side of the contemporary design of the offices and the distinctive drum entrance foyer. The location of the display garden is between the main path leading from the car park to the drum entrance. The garden space is approximately 35 x 7 metres.

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We provided a granitic sand gravel path as a curvilinear crescent-shaped alignment to allow people to wander through the corridor space, and off course people can view plants from the main 3 metre wide concrete path linking the car park. We provided land form through low mounding to create interest and provide sloped areas to better display mass groupings of up to 20 individual plants of one species. Council’s objective is to label the plant groupings so people can record plants they like and purchase indigenous plants for their own gardens. The project was planted in late June 2020 and has been so successful in terms of prominence and biodiversity, the CEO of Bayside City Council requested a much larger grassed area to the immediate north be planted in the same manner. The area is approximately 650 square metres, we have group planted thirty-five different heathland plant species as group plantings to the site.

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