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Western Wedge Streetscapes, Geelong

Client | City of Greater Geelong

Year   | 2008

western wedge

The City of Greater Geelong engaged our practice with subconsultants, structural and traffic engineers, to prepare design development and documentation plans for 5 streets within Geelong’s core Activity Area, known as the Western Wedge. The streets are important pedestrian, cycle and vehicle connections.


western wedge

We critically analysed and reviewed connectivity, Council’s preliminary ideas, the visual engagement to the foreshore and to Malop Street and elements of sustainability. We prepared a design critique of the five streets, then prepared design development plans for each street. We have completed the final documentation of four streets. We worked closely with Council in providing Water Sensitive Urban Design solutions.


western wedge

The traffic engineering team played a key role in the preparation of cross sections and longitudinal sections of new footpath and road profiles. One of the streets, Cunningham Street, now constructed featured the creation of a new shared zone pedestrian plaza opposite to Geelong’s famous Cunningham Pier. The plaza includes bluestone seating walls, shade trees, feature paving and night lighting.

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