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Wartook to Zumsteins Feasibility/Cycling Trail

Client | Horsham Rural City Council

Year   | 2015


In March 2015, Council engaged our team to undertake the site analysis in the review of three trail alternatives to link the settlement of Wartook to the Zumsteins picnic grounds. The Zumsteins picnic area is located on the former lease hold area of Walter Zumsteins, who established bee hives for Barnes Honey in the 1920’s and continued on to develop Zumsteins as a popular holiday place in the 1930 – 1950’s period.

Our role involved stakeholder and community consultation in several times walking and driving the 9.5 kilometre length trail parallel to the MacKenzie River, to undertake the assessment of infrastructure to improve the preferred route and review of European settlement and Indigenous peoples’ occupation. Registered Aboriginal Party groups, local interest groups and community individuals all contributed, in terms of selection of the preferred route and features along the route.

Wartook 4.JPG

Sections of the trail offer wonderful views, particularly to the Grampians range to the east. Strategically the proposed trail will link the Fish Falls and MacKenzie Falls trails to the south. Our final design development plans included low level ramps and boardwalks over sections of trail that are frequently inundated with flood waters from the adjacent McKenzie Creek.

Wartook 2.jpg

Existing Conditions

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