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Warringal Park Playspace

Client | Banyule City Council

Year   | 2009

Warringal 4.jpg

Banyule City Council engaged our practice to assist in the site selection of one of the municipalities three major Regional Play Spaces. We engaged Ric McConaghy, one of Australia’s leading playspace designers to assist in the site selection, analysis and concept design of both custom-built and proprietary brands of play equipment.


The process has involved extensive communication with Council Officers, the ward councillor and consultation with the Warringal Conservation Society. The preferred design was presented by our team and placed on display, available for community review and comment.   


A key component of the project was to build on the strong environmental values of the area and to integrate the playspace to the surrounding Yarra River environment. This was done through proposed cubby houses and a maze in amongst the existing River red gums.

Warringal 3.jpg
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