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Timbertop ELC Playspace

Client | Cardinia Shire Council

Year   | 2019


Through Cohen Leigh Architects, we were engaged by Cardinia Shire Council to prepare the concept to design documentation of the playspace for Timbertop Early Learning Centre in the new expanding suburb of Officer.


Our work focussed on the preparation of the concept plan featuring sand pits, digging pits, dry creek beds, wigwams, stick and sculptural tunnels, step up logs and embossed animal motifs within concrete paths. Sensory play elements such as bamboo hedging, mudstone rocks, timber logs and appropriate tufting planting surround perimeter areas.

Timbertop 2.jpg
Timbertop 1.jpg
Timbertop 3.jpg
Timbertop 4.jpg

Construction in progress

There is one large playspace separated by fencing to two adjacent smaller playspace areas. We prepared the cost plan and refined details of sand pits, dry creek beds tunnels and wigwams. We prepared the contract documentation of set-out, drainage and construction details, including the playspace and horticultural works specification.

timbertop palette.JPG
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