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Skenes Creek to Wild Dog Creek, Apollo Bay
Trail Feasibility Study

Client | The Otway Coast Committee

Year   | 2017-2018

Skenes 2.jpg

Visualisation by Workshop Architecture

The Otway Coast Committee in partnership with Colac Otway Shire Council engaged our team to investigate the potential route for a walking and cycling trail to link the present gravel trail that extends 2.5 kilometres east of Apollo Bay to Wild Dog Creek. The proposed trail is to connect Wild Dog Creek to the township of Skenes Creek. The aim of the project was to support the OCC and COSC in their application for substantial grant funding from both federal and state government sectors. The investigation involved all consultant team members with the exception of Essential Economics who concurrent to the site inspections undertook the economic benefits of the trail.



The site inspection of the 2.8 kilometre intended route revealed areas of environmental sensitivity with two estuaries of habitat value, floodways and several gullies and coastal dune formations to negotiate. The preferred route took the trail as distant as practicable from the Great Ocean Road, along the coast side of the road and captured views along the coastline particularly at two headlands. We assessed material alternatives and the choice of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) as the tray deck, bearers and joists was made for its durability in the maritime conditions. FRP is long lasting and a sustainable product from the manufacturing perspective. Cost plans were prepared to inform the economic analysis required for grant funding.




Skenes 3.jpg

A tourism and health and well-being report was prepared. The benefits for the local community are taking cyclists and the few pedestrians off the narrow Great Ocean Road to a much safer 3 metre wide trail, extending community health and wellbeing, connecting communities and increased retail and service sector spending through both locals and visitors using the trail connecting Apollo Bay to Skenes Creek.


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