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Ruffey Lake Park Playspace

Client | Manningham City Council

Year   | 2002

Ruffey Lake

In 2001-2002, Michael Smith and Associates assisted Ric McConaughy on the public consultation, design development and design documentation for the Ruffey Lake Park play area in East Doncaster.

Ruffey Lake

In the design of the Ruffey Lake Park play area as well as other play areas of similar scale, the limited play opportunities provided by typical playground provision is a major consideration, as is the poor accessibility provided by most traditional playground equipment.


The project provided an opportunity to create a special play experience for the children and comfort and security for the parents and carers. Ruffey Lake Park is a sub-regional park and the playground’s setting is most inviting and stimulating amongst the native trees and nestled within a gentle valley.



Ruffey Lake

The play area development included extensive shade sails and perimeter paths. Equipment was mainly proprietary brands and site topography was manipulated to create earth formations



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