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Portsea Village Landscape Masterplan

Client | Mornington Peninsula Shire

Year   | 2005

Portsea L1 A3.jpg

Mornington Peninsula Shire engaged our practice and sub consultant team to review the succession replacement planting of the fifty cypress trees in the Portsea Town Centre. The cypress trees in the main street are a major icon statement of Portsea. Past community surveys indicated the community’s concern on their removal and replacement of all the trees.


Our consultation and design process involved in-depth community consultation with the Steering Committee (six meetings) and conducting a drop-in event toward completion of the Draft Strategies.


A key component was to provide the incremental or phased removal of the cypress trees and recommend replacement species. The study also involved review of pedestrian and vehicle conflict points and the preparation of a Heritage Impact Statement, based on discussions with the local indigenous community, analysis of archaeological findings and built form.


We prepared concept plans for the community and Council review for Newton Reserve to enhance its civic presence as the hub of the village and promenade role to the Portsea pier.

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