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Myrtleford Streetscape and Jubilee Park
Design and Documentation

Client | Alpine Shire

Year   | 2017


The Alpine Better Places Project set strategies and actions for improvements to the towns of Porpukah, Bright and Myrtleford. Alpine Shire Council engaged our practice and subconsultant team to prepare design development to contract documentation plans for the improvement of the streetscape presentation to Myrtle Street, the main retail street through Myrtleford, Jubilee Park and a roundabout at one of the key intersections on Myrtle Street (The Great Alpine Road).


Myrtleford 4.JPG
myrtle 3.jpg

Our consultant team worked collaboratively to prepare the concept to contract documentation drawings for the streetscape and parkland improvements. We engaged Traffix Group, JCA Civil Engineers, TD&C Structural Engineers, Workshop Architecture and Paoli Smith-Creative, as subconsultants to prepare drawings for both the streetscape and parkland improvements.




myrtle 2.jpg

Part of the commission was to prepare the design and documentation for Jubilee Park to improve visitor facilities by construction of a cantilevered viewing podium and deck overhanging Happy Valley Creek. Workshop Architecture and TD&C prepared structural design that carried across to two bus shelters on Myrtle Street. Council obtained substantial funding to implement the entire works in 2018.


Myrtleford 2.JPG
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