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Maryborough Streetscape 
McLandress Square and Nolan Street

Client | Central Goldfields Shire

Year   | 2016

2016.02.29 Maryborough McLandress Square


Central Goldfields Shire Council engaged our practice to prepare concept plans for one of Maryborough’s key civic spaces, McLandress Square. The design work flowed from our work in 2005 on the Maryborough Urban Design Framework, in which Nolan Street was identified as the key visual and physical link of ‘the bookends’ of the Maryborough Railway Station and McLandress Square.

2016.03.30 Maryborough Nolan Street cros


In March 2016 our office prepared the concept designs and visualisations of both McLandress Square and Nolan Street. The focus for Nolan Street was limiting traffic flow in parts to one way direction and reduction of car parking to give way to new shared activity areas for greater street life.

2016.03.01 Maryborough Courthouse after.


2016.03.22 Maryborough Target arbour aft


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