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Evans Street Grassland, Sunbury

Client | Hume City Council

Year   | 2004

Evans St

Hume City Council engaged our practice and subconsultant team of Practical Ecology and Totally Sustainable to undertake the site analysis, and the stakeholder and community consultation to prepare the Masterplan for the Evans Street Grasslands. The Grasslands are one of Melbourne’s more significant indigenous grasslands due to the their proximity to a major activity centre only 300 metres to the north and the fact that 99 indigenous herbs and phorbes have been recorded on the 3 Ha site.

Evans St

The initiative for the Masterplan was Council driven and local residents embraced the opportunity to attend a walk through the reserve conducted by Lincoln Kern, our team’s ecologist. Locals also provided constructive ideas for enhancement and improved site facilities to include a shelter, seats, information boards and provision in the long term of a new Information Centre with up to date facilities and a meeting rooms, office space, barbeque and outdoor gathering space. An illustration of the image and character of the Information Centre was prepared by Donald Walker our sub consultant Architect.

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