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Eildon Recreation Reserve Precinct

Client | Murrindindi Shire 

Year   | 2020

Eildon Plan 1_edited.jpg

Murrindindi Shire Council engaged our practice and multi-disciplinary team to work closely with the community of Eildon in the preparation of the masterplan for two reserves adjacent to each other. They are Walter Moore Reserve and Thomas Marr Reserve, totalling around 6 Ha in area, in the core precinct of the town.


Key aspects are the upgrade of the limited playspace to a regional playspace, the upgrade of the public toilets and picnic shelter, provision of a BMX track, a skate circuit and defined areas for ball games.


COVID-19 restrictions led to our team undertaking considerable telephone and email communication with the Eildon community during April and May 2020. David Harlock and Associates prepared two iterations of cost plans. The Draft Masterplan layouts were made available for community review and comment in late June to the end of July 2020. 


Existing conditions

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