Cumming Avenue, Birchip

Client | Buloke Shire

Year   | 2019

birchip 2.JPG


Following from our masterplanning work of Buloke Shire’s five towns in 2016, the Shire engaged our consultant team to prepare streetscape designs for the retail strip of Cumming Street in central Birchip. Our team includes Traffix Group, Paoli Smith Creative and Wood and Grieve Lighting Design. In March 2019, we met with Council officers and two community group representatives and undertook streetscape analysis.

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In working with the community we have prepared plans showing the relocation of heritage items from the central median strip to the corner intersections corner sites and Soldiers’ Memorial Par.


In early May 2019 the plans were on public display at two drop in sessions to show the intended streetscape works. Lighting ideas and graphic branding themes were prepared by Wood and Grieve Lighting Engineers and Paoli Smith Creative. Seventy community members provided feedback to the consultant team members present and for the majority of attendance the response to the work prepared by our team was very favourable. A brief report was prepared on several changes and improvements to our plans.