Campbells Creek Trail, Castlemaine 

Client | Mount Alexander Shire Council 

Year   | 2017

Campbells Creek 2.JPG

Campbells Creek has now become a suburb of Castlemaine. There is an existing walking trail extending from Castlemaine’s Camp Reserve south to the recently developed Campbells Creek Park, a distance of approximately 3.5 kilometres. A middle section of approximately 475 linear metres had not been completed due to issues of land ownership and physical alignment.


JCA Land Consultants, Perrett Simpson, A.S. James, Storm Consulting and Practical Ecology inspected the intended route in close consultation with Council’s Project Manager and representatives from the Friends of Campbells Creek Landscape Group. Both groups provided a good understanding of the various options for the short length of missing trail. These options were discussed on site.



Two creek crossings will be required for the trail to negotiate Campbells Creek. A key issue addressed in our team’s response to risk management elements was the significant erosion of the creek corridor during flooding. The creek was subject to sluicing operations during gold mining of the 1860’s, as a result embankments were quite unstable and the creek had re-aligned itself to the west. As part of the contract documentation, we engaged JCA Engineers to undertake a feature of the zone and corridor of the intended trail for a survey plan and our team to prepare the design documentation of two bridges, the trail layout and ground restoration works under the existing Princes Street Bridge.    

Campbells Creek.JPG