Rye Foreshore Reserve Masterplan

Client | Mornington Peninsula Shire

Year   | 2007

Rye Concept Plan REV 12-06-09 L3_.jpg

In November 2007, our practice and sub-consultant team were awarded the Rye Foreshore Masterplan project. The key focus of this project was to determine the needs and demand for facilities for the local community and visitors. This necessitated five meetings with the Steering Group and two presentations of the analysis and issues, then the draft plans to open forum community meetings.


The foreshore has a range of heritage and natural environmental elements, which are represented through the indigenous peoples’ past activities, the bathing boxes, a reconstructed lime burners kiln, the octopuses’ garden, and the coastal vegetation.


Strategies and opinions of development costs and recurrent maintenance costs were prepared. ASR Research, Practical Ecology and Traffix Group assisted as our subconsultants on this project.