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Northcote Golf Course Playspace

Client | City of Darebin

Year   | 2023

Northcote 1 - Copy.JPG

As part of a larger commission for the preparation of the walking and cycling trail to the eastern edge of the Northcote Golf Course, we prepared concept layout plans for the development of a nature-based playspace to an alcove of land that could no longer be used as a golf green or tee. The golf course had several holes and fairways re-aligned between 2022 and 2023, to allow for greater community open space instead of a golf course. Over several years there had been a significant amount of community pressure to create more public open space.


For the nature-based playspace beside the proposed trail, there were several distinct site opportunities that we incorporated into the layout. There is a copse of at least twenty tall closely planted River Sheoaks that provide a good foil in the visual separation of the future playspace and adjoining residential properties. The River Sheoak’s are relatively transparent and a copse of such species allows visual surveillance to adhere to a CPTED Principles. A group of Sheoaks make an evocative rustling noise in windy weather.

Northocte 2_edited.jpg

Our nature-based playspace design focused on the establishment of indigenous canopy trees, together with sensory planting of indigenous plant species. Key play elements are: timber balance beams, step-up logs, horizontal logs, carved animals of a platypus and wombat, two wigwam teepees, textured paths of railway sleepers, gravel, synthetic grass, Castlemaine Slate, and herringbone bricks.

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